How To Play Pickleball Doubles

Pickleball is a fantastic sport that fuses aspects of tennis, ping pong, but also badminton.

How To Play Pickleball Doubles

It can be played both in indoor and outdoor spaces, while you can also enjoy a pickleball game solo or with a pair. But how can you play pickleball in doubles?

As a sport that is rapidly increasing in popularity in the United States, it might have become one that you are curious to learn how to play.

Even though some people prefer engaging in a singles game, if you are new to pickleball, you might want to learn how to play doubles first.

In this article, we will share everything you need in order to play double pickleball, so keep reading below to learn more!

The Basics Of Pickleball Doubles

The Server And The Serving Turns

At the beginning of the match, team members from each team need to flip a coin to determine which one will serve first.

Following that, only one player from the winning team can execute the serve. Only then will they be able to send the ball to the opponent’s court, and once that is done, then the ball can be passed to the opposing team.

As a result, essentially, each team gets to send one of its members to serve prior to actually handing over to the opposing team.

Whenever a member of the serving team scores a point, he or she must move to the opposite side of the net. However, the receiving team can’t change sides.

Whenever the server of the serving team scores a point on the court’s right side, an even score results, but if the server scores from the left side, an odd score will result.

The No Volley Zone

No player is permitted to move to this area following a volley, so everyone needs to avoid walking in the kitchen zone.

When this rule is broken, the team that broke the rule receives a penalty and ends up losing a point.

The Double Bounce

The Double Bounce Rule requires that teams take their first shots after the ball has bounced once.

As a result, the receiving side has to allow the serving ball to bounce before hitting it back to the opposing team.

In turn, the serving team should let the ball bounce before sending it back.

Following that, each team has the option to wait for the ball to bounce or hit it right away, depending on their level of ease and pickleball skills.


Points are only scored while serving and not while rallying, while servings can only be executed underhand. Even when executed correctly, all contact with the ball must be kept below the waist.

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Each player is limited to a single serving try. However, if the ball accidentally hits the net and lands on the correct service side, the players get a second chance at serving the ball.

Sets And Score

The games must represent the best of two out of three games, with points totaling 11 or more.

As we said, once the ball is served it must bounce once before the players of the team send it back to the serving team.

If the ball bounces more than once, that instantly leads to a point being lost.

Players may be permitted to swoop across the kitchen line given that they haven’t touched it at all whilst serving or striking the ball.

Pointers For Doubles Pickleball

You might be a fantastic Pickleball player but trying to play as a doubles partner is a completely different deal.

To secure the win, you must cooperate with one another and present a unified front, and pickleball doubles require you to be synced with your teammate and communicate both with words and with bodily signs.

You must keep moving in unison with your fellow player and have good communication between you two, especially when the ball bounces in the middle of your court so that you can effectively avoid hitting it back and not have them get in your way or the other way around.

This is where training comes in handy. In preparation for the match, you must practice with your fellow team player instead of practicing all alone.

This will assist you in improving your skills and learning about each other’s strong points and weak spots, allowing you to use it for your own benefit.

You must also follow every one of the guidelines outlined above to avoid receiving any faults and thus losing points and, ultimately, the game.

Pickleball has a period of adjustment, and you’ll be required to practice as doubles frequently to perfect your technique and tactic. Having said that, we want to offer some helpful tips that you can use.

For instance, once having received a serve, we suggest waiting behind the baseline and returning it with a strong hit after the ball has bounced once.

This strength in your hit should be harnessed when it is your time to serve too, so use it to serve the ball and make you serve a swift and powerful one.

You must also keep practicing softly hitting the ball after it has bounced in order to get it to the opposing team’s kitchen zone.

This tactic is very effective and most often leads to a point being scored, with the opposing team being defeated.

You should also try to reach the kitchen as quickly as you can while staying much further away from No Man’s Land.

The Bottom Line

If you use the tips we shared above and become familiar with the rules of pickleball doubles, then playing pickleball might become your favorite pastime of the week.

Playing with a teammate instead of playing a singles game is a much better introduction to pickleball, so if you have someone who already knows how to play pickleball, try joining them and forming a pair to compete with others!

Damien Dansel
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