Author name: Damien Dansel

Hello, I’m Damien Dansel and I have been playing pickleball for almost six years now. It all began in my first year of college when I was drowning in coursework and finals. I needed a stress reliever, but none of the usual suspects were working. That’s when I saw that the pickleball court was free. I had a paddle, a ball, and a dream, and plenty of stress to unload. I encouraged some of my friends to come and play with me, and eventually, we even started a pickleball club at our college. I started this site to get more people clued in and excited about pickleball. Please, take a look around and get as excited about this underrated sport as we are!

How Big is the Kitchen in Pickleball?

Pickleball has its own unique terminology and extensive set of rules. One perplexing term for beginners is “the kitchen.” This does not refer to actual cooking but describes a key section of the pickleball court.  Understanding the kitchen’s size and associated rules is essential for mastering pickleball. This article explores the kitchen’s dimensions and function …

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