Hi, I'm Damien Dansel

Pickleball is a sport that has been played for decades, yet is widely forgotten by many. I’m on a quest to make this paddle sport better known among young people and encourage them to start playing it. I need more opponents!

Hello, I’m Damien Dansel and I have been playing pickleball for almost six years now. It all began in my first year of college when I was drowning in coursework and finals. I needed a stress reliever, but none of the usual suspects were working.

I was too wired to watch TV, spend time with friends, or even sit still. I needed to move, so I headed to my local gym to check out the classes on offer. 

That’s when I saw that the pickleball court was free. Mind you, I had no idea what pickleball was. I had a paddle, a ball, and a dream. Oh, and plenty of stress to unload.

I played against myself the first few times. Each bounce back to the wall was like a hint of anxiety being expelled from my mind.

It was the ideal escape. I encouraged some of my friends to come and play with me, and eventually, we even started a pickleball club at our college.

Now, far out of college and working towards sports science qualifications, I still get down to the court a few times a week. We’ve set up a local tournament where everyone can get involved. The sense of community is unrivaled at our games.

I started this site to get more people clued in and excited about pickleball. Please, take a look around and get as excited about this underrated sport as we are!


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